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August 11, 2010
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knite contest: twintails by hikarisoul knite contest: twintails by hikarisoul
it's for the :iconknite-fliers: contest

here's her profile

name(usually called): Siren
real name: yue sang


color of hair: light brown (almost like gray shaded brown)

eyes: blue

skin: pinkish pale

kite: "twintails"


she's half chinese and half wester girl. her father was a chinese and her mother was a european (london). in a very young age, she thought of her home country is a dark and gloomy place.. when she was 6 she decided to live with her mom for a couple of years, her mom was a designer and a painter, whenever she sees her mother work, she was inspired that the world is also full of colors. she often sneak during at midnight so she can talk to her dad (time differences between two countries is kind of difficult to communicate)
her father's is an astronomer.. he research on how to restore the night's sky.. to see stars again, he have a laboratory and an observatory.
in london, she learned how to play the piano and violin, she is also very good at ballet and can balance pretty well on tight ropes or bars, she's also very flexible and smart.

after the years have passed, she was 14 years old, she decided to come back to her own country, she saw a very disturbing scene, smokes and pipes destroying the blue sky.. she visited her father and ask questions, what the stars looked like before.. she mostly enjoyed about how a meteor/ shooting stars look like and their history and also traditional belief.

tragedy came, after a few months, the laboratory of her father was destroyed and found her dad lying dead.
it was destroyed because of a fire, a fuse was leaking and it contains gas. one of his staff used a bunsen burner to stabilize a chemical and it blow up the whole lab..some survived but a few aren't lucky and that includes her dad.

she turned fifteenth and take in charged to continue her father's research, in that year.. her mother became ill because of a sudden incurable disease (blood cancer) , she
doesn't want to believe that her mother will never be cured, but she have to face the facts.

now she turned 16, she lived in a world of pain but it is not recognized through her beautiful face. she still continue her research. then a rumor came.. about the knites.
she observe the night sky and also the knites do their work. she was suddenly amazed.

she worked on a kite called "twin tails" she swooped her kites right above the air. she contributed with the knites, secretly without the knites even knowing..
she did her special skills.
"meteor shower"
she swing and glide smaller kites and fell it down like a meteor. these kites only hold one light.
whenever she works she sung a beautiful song.
she sometimes balance on the fence.. she's not afraid to fall.. she dance on the top of the fence like a a bird who just flew so graceful.. she dance so gracefully since her personality is full of etiquette.

one of the knites members heard her singing and sen can hear it too. she was positioned on one of the most tallest building which not others noticed.

they call her "Siren" because of her enchanting voice.. cold but sweet..

she continuously work secretively and hidden..doing her "meteor shower" tricks.

in her first work of doing this type of activity.. she said her first word " I dedicate this to you..."

but will the knites find her true identity??

one of the knite members investigate and follow the sound of the music.. although it's hard for them to recognize where she is because the sounds seems like it's everwhere.. it echoes around the cit.. instead they observe where the "meteor " of siren came from..
sen realized where she stood..

sen followed the voice and also followed where the "meteor's" starting point..

he reached on the top of the building and finally found her.
he was panting and breathless.. he saw her beautiful and graceful skills. sen is speechless and all he can do is just glare at her.

siren step off the fence and answer to sen " why are you here.."

sen just fell to silence.. and said " i saw you.. you and those falling stars.."

siren breathe and said "i know.. i know what you are going to say.."
it seems that her stare can read sen's mind.

sen replied to her "so.. is that a yes or a no.."

"sure.. i'll join you..besides.. it's not fun working alone, isn't it.. " siren said to sen with confidence..

sen asked for her real name and then she finally gave it..

"it's yue.. yue sang.. but you can call me siren since that is what you've named me.."

sen fell to silence again... it a final conclusion.. she knew what's going to happen..

and she finally gave a friendly smile.. finally she smiled..
but tears dropped to her face so gently while she smile.

sen has found her inner self.. full of pain and sorrow but giving so much beauty and light towards every people who have lost hope.


it took me forever but finally finished it..
it's so worth it ^^

she's my knite OC for the contest..
i'm not really hoping to win... just want to try different contest when i have time.. but there's a little spirit in me that i wish i could..
i also joined because
:iconyuumei: her work is awesome!!
i also love her knites chapters ^w^
although i watched her in this account :iconhikarisoulmanga:
i wished i could draw like her but well.. i'm still learning and earning..


i edit a little about the story because some said that it is supposed to be one of the members of the knites.. so i'll just add a small thing on the story and double check my spellings.
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paranku-mingyuan Aug 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I think this is my favorite. I hope you win :)
hikarisoul Aug 31, 2010  Student Artist
sheface Aug 20, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Wow awesomecake! I really like this work, i can tell it took a lot of effort and time. Wish you good luck in the contest!<3
hikarisoul Aug 20, 2010  Student Artist
thank you very much for the support and your comment :w00t:
Woah... Great job! Good luck in the contest, I really like this piece! :D
hikarisoul Aug 17, 2010  Student Artist
GilYoona Aug 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so pretty~~! <33
hikarisoul Aug 17, 2010  Student Artist
thank you :love:
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